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Sunday, 11 September 2016

What's Sprouting in Yours? Day 11, 81 To Go...

Image by Pawel Jonca

I found this beautiful image after many hours of play in the garden this afternoon. I have few words for its beauty, poignancy and its wisdom. I'll let it speak to you in whatever way is right for you right now.

It mirrors two things for me: the spontaneous activity that's happening in the garden right now as I sit here typing and you sit there reading and, secondly, the newness and fragility of the very different life I'm trying to let unfold and unfurl after selling a very busy, very challenging corporate writing business I had for 13 years - and just stopping.

In fact, it's the first time I've ever really just stopped. It's massive, scary, exciting. And if anyone's feeling jealous that I'm not working right now (and I am working on it), please know that stopping is work in itself - because everything you've been running from has to catch up.

Hooley dooley! All I can say is thank God for the garden, where everything seems to sort itself out. There's a rightness about nature that has a lot to teach us. It all just happens if you let it and don't overthink it, overdo it, over ruminate, over plan, over everything. We're such doers these days.

This is what has sprouted of its own accord in the garden in the last couple of weeks:

- Tomato seedlings of unbeknown varieties, making it all the more exiting to see what they grow up
  to be.
- Apricot trees (yes, six!) from stones my daughter probably turfed in after eating local, very good
  apricots sitting on the back step in the sun.
- Basil, it's oh so tiny, but I hear it screaming tomato and basil salads and pesto already. Salivate,
- Warrigal greens (eternal spinach or New Zealand spinach), which has a tendency to pop up all over
  the place.
- Wild strawberries. I pulled all these out last year, but obviously they want to make their presence
  known again this spring. They're small, sweet and punchy.
- Silverbeet. While I'm harvesting the mature plants, some babies popped up for some spontaneous
 staggering of their own accord, clever little things that they are.
- Sunflowers, obviously blown about by last years summer breeze - and what sunflowers they were.
  Multi-headed and quite rare. I was blessed. See them and their story here.

There's other stuff too that escapes me at the moment. It's kind of like you're just out there amongst it all, absorbed, engrossed, whole, not thinking, not planning, just being in the present, and then later, the moment's gone - because now you're here, present in this moment - and it's the best and only place to be.

Foodliterary Regards,
Julia Svoice
(Julia Hebaiter in Another Life)
FoodLit Writer, Feel-Good Food Lover & Storyteller

                                     Because Food Sans Story is Bland

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