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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Just Juice or Sitting Pretty? Day 17, 75 To Go .....

What a bonus to stumble across these this morning at a local farmers' market. Having had no brekkie to be better prepared for a big family lunch (did I mention, we're Italian?), this discovery cheered my chops no end. Fresh pressed, not cheap, but definitely cheerful, the green number won out, its hit of mint sending me spiralling into raptures. Between that, a trolley-ful of feel-good foods, a bucket-ful of sunshine, and a long, leisurely graze and chat over a three-hour lunch with family, I am blessed - and I'm going to remember that from this moment on. Any blessings you care to share? Feel free.

Foodliterary Regards,
Julia Svoice
(Julia Hebaiter in Another Life)
FoodLit Writer, Feel-Good Food Lover & Storyteller

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