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Thursday, 1 September 2016

She's Apples! And Paleo Mix. Day 2, 90 To Go...

Running around this morning doing my bits, the little baby below caught my eye. Okay, not so little - but not an apple on steroids, but one grown chemically free by a family that pops up their no frills stall at various local farmers' markets. And yep, they were 'popping up' before it became fashionable. 
They rock up in their ute (no dog), fruit covered with a tarp in case of rain, set up a trestle, pull out a scale, slice a few apples and pears up for tasting and, well, she's apples. They also have boxes of seconds for $2kg though what's second about them I don't know.(The bumps and scrapes on mine are due to my neglect, not theirs.)

So the lady who often heads up the stall, and probably the family, is also no frills. What you see is what you get. Friendly, practical and passing on apple and pear tips so you get the best from the fruit. 

The market, held like many on a grassy reserve, has a few trees here and there, but council decided to plant a few more - including one right in front of her stall. 

Frustrated by the foliage getting in the way of her customers, she made several complaints, asking that the tree be moved.

Getting nowhere, frustration rising and customers trying to avoid poking their eyes out on its branches, it all got under her (apple?) skin. 

She leapt from behind the stall to the front, grabbed the thing by the truck and starting yanking and kicking and swearing at the bloody thing until neighbouring stallholders yanked her off with her kicking and protesting all the way. What a fabulous sight for a sunny Saturday morning!

What you need to understand about those connected to the land is that they're so refreshingly real. A breath of fresh farm air.

Stewed Apples: Slice apples, add a pear if you fancy, a dash of water, a sprinkle of sugar, a smattering of cloves and a dusting of cinnamon and seven spice (or whatever grabs you). Prep time 5 mins. Simmer with lid on. Cook time is to your desired level of firmness or mushiness. Eat with yoghurt, ice cream, granola, paleo mix, as is, whatever for brekky, lunch, dessert, whenever. 

Have you got a Day 3 Feel-Good Food Snippet to Share?
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