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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

In the Words of a Jovial Greek, Maresi! Day 35, 57 To Go...

I'm trying to write this post but to be quite honest, Vasili's Garden is on (a re-run from a summer episode). Between Vasili's piano accordion and a proud Italian growing fat tomatoes, beautiful basil, persimmons, pomegranates, beans, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, chillis, beetroot (in summer under the shade of a fruit tree - great idea!), olives, ornamental pumpkins and more in his backyard in Rosanna, I can't take my eyes off it. 

Time passing... they're eating pickled Italian vegetables (giardiniera) on bread. Mmmm..

More time passing .... the guy's wife is sharing her recipe for curing olives (and how many versions can there be? I know one and only do one because it works.)

More time passing... They're talking about Type A and Type B avocados (huh?) and that you ideally need one of each to cross pollinate and produce a better crop. (I'd better look that one up as I have two seeds of the same variety currently with their bottom's in water preparing to sprout, or hopefully sprout).

It's over now. If you don't watch it, do.  It's honest, real, suburban, no-frills essential viewing for anyone who grows or wants to. Here's three minutes of Vasili with Effie who has a couple of top, aptly timed tomato growing tips.

As for my post, maybe later. I have avocados to research, giardiniera  to eat, and zucchini seeds to dig out in readiness for tomorrow's planting. I might even play a bit of Zorba or, given my roots, a round of Tarantella.

Foodliterary Regards,
Julia Svoice
(Julia Hebaiter in Another Life)
FoodLit Writer, Feel-Good Food Lover & Storyteller

Because Food Sans Story is Bland

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